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          Fang Li: Technological innovation and sustainable development

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             "The market in the first half of the year is very urgent, and it is not easy for all walks of life. On the one hand, we are strengthening epidemic prevention and control to help the company resume work smoothly; on the other hand, in order to catch up with orders and accelerate output efficiency, company management basically all work in the workshop. "Fang Guozhen, chairman of Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fangli") whispered over the phone. In the brief conversation, we can feel Fang Zong's calm layout and unruffled style of dealing with emergencies.
        Mr. Fang said that the epidemic has had an impact on the company’s foreign trade business, making the pace of work differ from the previous plan, but with the joint efforts of all employees, it is expected to achieve performance growth in June to July. "Recently, a batch of large-caliber hollow structural wall equipment has been urgently sent abroad. Since the beginning of this year, we have stepped up the signing of new orders, and overall, the impact is not significant."

                It is understood that Fangli has an unparalleled ability to design and produce a complete set of equipment for PP-R pipe extruder, a complete set of equipment for PE water (gas) pipe extrusion, and a complete set of equipment for PVC solid-wall pipe extrusion. Over the past two decades since its establishment, the company's strong overall line supporting capabilities and rich technical precipitation have gradually made the company's reputation gradually sound.

                As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of complete sets of plastic extrusion equipment and new environmental protection new materials. With its unique corporate culture that has been brewing for many years and its close attention to global economic development, Fangli has continued to grow and develop with great momentum. At the beginning of its establishment, through the introduction of advanced German technology, combined with domestic and foreign market needs, various types of extrusion equipment have been developed according to local conditions, and deep technical accumulation has been deposited in the field of extrusion equipment.

                Industry specializing in surgery. The high-speed extrusion complete set of PE polyethylene water supply and gas pipes launched by Fangli has beautiful appearance, high degree of automation and stable production. It has received unanimous praise in the market; internal and external composite machines for pipes of different diameters, multi-layer composite pipes The complete set of extrusion line combines European cutting-edge technology and has an advantage in price. It allows customers to spend the least money and can purchase high-quality equipment; from a complete set of PE solid-wall pipes with a maximum diameter of 2000mm, to special applications in agricultural irrigation, The field of thin-walled pipes such as cable sheaths; PE-X cross-linked polyethylene pipe high-speed extrusion complete set, WGJS110 micro-communication cluster pipe extrusion complete set of equipment to RTP non-metal reinforced pipeline production line complete equipment and other newly developed products, all walk in The forefront of the industry.

                "The company's newly developed JTZS800G socket joint injection molding equipment, with its unique molding process, solves the reliable connection of the hollow wall pipe. In addition, the FLSP75/90/114-36AG series of different directions suitable for CPVC and PVC-UH processing The development of the parallel twin-screw extruder unit has been fully recognized by customers at home and abroad for its unique high capacity, high plasticization and low energy consumption." Fang always talked about the company's new products, and he knew everything well.

                Having been in the extrusion industry for many years, Mr. Fang has an insightful understanding of the industry. He said that in terms of the core technology of extrusion equipment, the gap between domestic and foreign countries has gradually narrowed. The brand is always the decisive factor influencing the price. How to build the brand and do the details are the "pain points" that Fang Li has been thinking about. He said that every industry is the same. If you want to be the first among all living beings, you have to have your own "hard core" competitiveness, and you need to pay attention to materials and pursue excellence in equipment to become the leader and first choice of China's rubber and plastic machinery equipment. Service provider.

                President Fang said frankly: “Fang Li is not willing to stop here. In addition to upgrading the original equipment, in order to meet customer needs in an all-round way, he will also develop new projects simultaneously, repeatedly test and inspect, in order to make timely adjustments. Adapt to market development." Over the years, Fangli has continued to set up offices and service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Southeast Asia, Russia, Canada and other regions and countries, spreading the blueprint of marketing and service network all over the world, and occupying the international market The rate and brand awareness are also increasing day by day, with customers in more than 50 countries and regions on five continents, fully demonstrating the ambition of this company.

                The company's product strategy is based on the production of extrusion machinery, and the competitiveness of its products depends on product diversification, stable supply of raw materials, technological innovation, reasonable labor costs and high-quality value-added services. Now it has a number of national utility model patents; a number of products developed have been included in the new product development plan of Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau and won the Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award. It has greatly improved the product manufacturing capacity and quality assurance level, and injected fresh blood into Fangli's sustainable development.

                President Fang knows that if a company wants to achieve long-term development and gain a firm foothold in the extrusion industry, it can only prove its strength with its brand and technology. Relying on a strong industrial platform, Fangli seizes the market through continuous product improvement and independent research and development of core technologies, providing customers with high-quality products and achieving a win-win situation for customers and employees!


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