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          The story of the implementation

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               In June 2018, Fangli Technology began to study and promote the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations" internally, and passed the certification of Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. in April 2019 after standard operation for more than half a year. Since the implementation of the standard, Fangli Technology has proceeded from the actual situation of the company, insisted on strengthening the management of intellectual property rights in accordance with the requirements of the GB/T29490-2013 standard, and achieved results from the following five aspects:

        1. Establish and improve the intellectual property system
                Starting from the actual needs of the company’s development, starting with the implementation of the intellectual property system standards, learning and borrowing from advanced intellectual property management systems at home and abroad, filling up gaps and deficiencies, and further establishing and improving the intellectual property review system and performance of intellectual property including major economic activities Various intellectual property systems including the assessment system. Regarding the work status of intellectual property rights as one of the important indicators of the business status of the enterprise and the performance evaluation of the enterprise management personnel and technical personnel.

        2. Strengthen the construction of intellectual property management capabilities
                Carry out intellectual property management innovation, form an intellectual property management system and mechanism that meets the needs of domestic and foreign market competition, and improve intellectual property management capabilities through system innovation, management innovation, and mechanism innovation, and realize the systemization and professionalization of intellectual property work. According to the company's own capabilities, organize relevant staff to participate in company intellectual property training, and actively exchange experience and learn from superior units. Further strengthen the management functions of the intellectual property class, and the department will coordinate intellectual property matters. At the same time, the company's senior management personnel lead the intellectual property work, popularize the awareness of intellectual property protection, enhance the weight of intellectual property work in the corporate governance structure, and effectively support and protect the creation of intellectual property rights.

        3. Implement intellectual property rights enforcement plan
                Integrate the company's overall development plan, scientifically specify detailed intellectual property implementation plans, clarify the long-term and short-term goals of intellectual property work, and form a practical and feasible implementation plan for intellectual property work. By fully analyzing the company's leading products and core technologies, it will help the research and development of new independent intellectual property projects; encourage employees to actively propose improvements to the intellectual property management plans and measures, and work together for the company's development.

        4. Strengthen Intellectual Property Training
                Establish a regular and institutionalized long-term mechanism for intellectual property training, and continuously strengthen the construction of a professional team for intellectual property work. Provide training for new employees, ordinary employees, technical personnel and management personnel to popularize and improve intellectual property knowledge at different levels and stages, and strengthen professional training and improvement training of intellectual property management for middle and senior managers. In the future, we will also popularize and organize diversified publicity training on intellectual property topics.

        5. Strengthen the capacity building of intellectual property protectors
                Actively study the competitive situation in the domestic and international markets, strengthen the company's own intellectual property protection capabilities, make full use of the administrative and judicial protection of intellectual property rights, respond to intellectual property challenges, and avoid infringement of the intellectual property rights of others while strengthening the protection of its own intellectual property rights . After the standard certification, Fangli Technology's intellectual property work has been significantly improved. In 2018, the company applied for 19 patents, including 5 invention patents, and applied for a total of 119 patents, with 51 valid ones. Apply for 1 software copyright at the same time. While increasing the quantity, the company pays more attention to quality. The patents applied for are all important technologies related to the company's business. Through more scientific and reasonable application and layout, the company's innovation is escorted.


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