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          We are in action against the "epidemic"

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                On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2020, the sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has spread rapidly, affecting the hearts of people across the country.

                 In the face of this sudden test and challenge, the company’s management paid close attention to the development of the epidemic, and immediately established an epidemic prevention and control leading group and work class, based on the 6S management concept of the epidemic, comprehensively deployed and implemented epidemic prevention and control work .

                1. The President's Office is mainly responsible for tracking, advancing and logistical support for the comprehensive implementation of various epidemic prevention and control work.
                The only entrance and exit management of the workplace, personnel registration, body temperature detection, etc.;
                Eliminate work in various areas such as offices;
                Reserve, management, and distribution of logistic materials such as masks, thermometers, and disinfectants;
                Propaganda of epidemic prevention and control knowledge;

                2. What did the human resources department do?
                Strengthen personnel management and control, registration of employee holiday activity tracks, establishment of employee health records, etc.;
                Formulate plans for resuming work in batches, and arrange resumption of work in an orderly and safe manner;
                Implement staff commuting traffic, attendance tracking, business trip management and other issues;
                Human resources work support for closed subsidiaries;

                3. What did the property company do?
                In addition to supporting the work of the group, the property company also carried out a series of epidemic prevention work in the residential sector. Such as disinfection in public areas, temperature detection of personnel, etc.;

                4. What did the strategic purchasing department do?
                Procurement of various protective materials on time and quality;

                5. What did the financial center do?
               Various fund guarantees during the epidemic prevention and control period;
               Timely grasp and understand various national and local finances and taxes;
               Subsidy policy
               Instruct subsidiaries on how to ensure the period of impact of the epidemic;
               The smooth implementation of funding arrangements;

                6. What did the asset center do?
                Responsible for the management of tenants;
                Daily tour
                Communicate in time the policies on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work in the jurisdiction;
                Control execution;

                Winter is coming to an end and spring is in time. May the mountains and rivers be safe and the world is safe. No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come! In the endless spring breeze, wait for Ankang to shine, and a tree blossoms, everything will be better and better.


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